Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wracked with indecision

I still can't quite decide what to do about this blog -- to stick with Blogger or not. I had just about decided to stay, but I'm continuing to tinker with a Wordpress blog I set up and am still tempted to go. Ack! I hate making decisions. The Wordpress blog is here.

Update: I have no update. I'm still completely uncertain. Here's the thing: I like Wordpress better overall, but I like the way my Blogger template looks, and I can't find a Wordpress template that does exactly what I want it to (replicate my Blogger template basically). I'm just not quite so fond of the best I can do on Wordpress, which is what's up now. So, which do I care about more? Appearance or ease of use? Normally I'd go for ease of use in a heartbeat, but I'm just not quite ready to give up a look I like. And I'm not experienced with HTML or CSS to mess with the Wordpress templates and I don't want to pay money to be able to do so. Yikes.